What does it mean for my profile to be locked on Facebook? Are Locked accounts invisible? Does locking my Facebook profile make me unsearchable? All these are questions most users ask when it comes to unlocking a Facebook profile.

Quite frankly, the act has become familiar with users who want to maintain a low-key appearance on the profile. It provides some privacy to some extent. But the question is, why will anyone want to lock their profile, what’s the essence of doing this, and can this be reversed?

Of course, locking your Facebook profile won’t permanently delete your account, but neither will it give you total anonymity. The essence of securing a profile is to protect your photos and videos from complete strangers.

However, there are cases where the account is locked by Facebook themselves. This case can happen if the profile has been reported or if any suspicious activity is observed. Suspicious activity can simply be something simple as a login from a different location.


How Profile Lock Works

We’ve had cases of users abandoning their accounts for some time only to find out that it’s locked after returning to it. Most times, it is hard to explain why Facebook will do this, primarily if you’ve not been found wanting in many areas.

On the other hand, some individuals go extra miles to secure their accounts by locking it. This way, random users can’t access their photos, personal information, and other details. Most times, when you click on a closed account, what you see is “this account has been locked.” This response signifies that users can access any of your details, not even your timeline.

A clear explanation to Facebook locking a user’s account will be security. The community is always on a mission to provide an excellent experience to its users. However, if any account is seen as a threat, the Facebook algorithm eliminates this by locking the account.

Now, your account can get blocked due to suspicious activities, such as daily login or constant password reset requests. Your account can also get locked if your profile is reported for any suspicious activities.

As you might already know, when an account is locked, even the owner of the account can’t access it until after taking the Facebook verification process. During the verification process, you might be asked a few questions related to your r account. You might have to identify your profile picture and also identify a few friends linked with the account. An SMS might also be sent to the registered number to confirm that the real owner of the profile is you.

In cases where the user, himself lock an account, the step below should be followed to unlock it.

Unlock Account Locked For Security Reasons

If you receive a message that your account was closed for security purposes, then there’s a considerable chance of opening it without stress. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Log into your Facebook account from a browser
  2. Enter your username and password in the corresponding fields.
  3. On the Security Page hit “get help from friends.”
  4. Here, most of your friends open, select a friend you know personally and contact them
  5. Then, select “Continue.”
  6. At this point, a message will be sent to the contact you selected
  7. Get this code from your friend and input it into the corresponding field
  8. If it matches, your account will be instantly unlocked.
  9. Appeal
  10. If you get a message that your account has been locked for violating the community rules, then options are somewhat limited. If you think this is a mistake, you can appeal.
  11. Follow these steps to make an Appeal
  12. Log in to your account on a browser
  13. Follow the inside instruction, i.e., enter your details as well as ID proof.
  14. Enter your complaints
  15. Click “choose file”.to submit your request.

Precautions To Ensure Your Account Doesn’t Get Locked

Threading on social media with care is one of the precautions everyone must take. Here, you’re allowed to make friends with just anyone, share things, and communicate with like minds. In short, there’s no limit to how you can use this social media network. Unlike when it first launched, Facebook is becoming note strict, making it necessary for everyone to abide by the terms and conditions if you don’t want to log in your account for 5 years.

Despite the tips listed above, unlocking your Facebook Account can get messy at times. It can take months for it to be opened. A disaster if you have a group or page you sell on. To avoid this, here are precautions to take

Stick to their terms and conditions.

The community has well laid out terms. As a new user, you should go through the list of activities supported here and also acquaint yourself with the law of owning an account. Facebook has few limitations to the type of content that can be posted.

Proxy Servers

Using a VPN or proxy server can hamper the safety of your Facebook account. It’s assumed that proxies, in a way, disturb Facebook servers, and alter their security. Even worse, it acts as a mask for dubious users.

Frequent Login

As you already know, Facebook accounts are pretty easy to access. It’s possible to hack a person’s account without their notice. Before the account becomes an issue, Facebook finds a way to lock it if multiple users are trying to access it from several devices.


One way of invading Facebook profile lock is to ensure all your activities are in line with the community standard. Login from several devices will obviously land you in trouble, and if your profile keeps getting locked up, there’s a point you might never be able to recover.

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