In the social media world, engagement is one of the few things that cannot be overlooked. Facebook engagement can take many forms such as commenting, replies, reposts, and sharing. The higher the level of engagement, the more popular your brand becomes. Engagement plays an integral role in the success of social media marketing because it helps in reaching your target audience organically. When you engage with your Facebook followers you save on costs that could be used on paid ads. It also helps to achieve marketing objectives such as generating leads, driving more traffic to your website and improving sales.

Unlike before, many people have joined marketing on Facebook and they are all competing for the same clients. It has become harder to grow and maintain the engagement level. This has led many people to look for better ways of engaging your Facebook followers. In this article, you will know some of these ways to help you in improving your brand.

Show brand personality for better Facebook engagement

Many businesses fail in social media marketing because of sounding too professional and boring with their typical corporate image. This approach fails because Facebook is a social place and activities happen in a social set up. If you would like to have more engagement, you should emphasize on showcasing your company’s personality with your content. The best way to showcase is by sharing team pictures. This is why people often buy Facebook likes on their own posts. Your followers should understand that you are not a social media robot but a real person. For example, a picture of your team having fun outside will attract more comments and likes than official communication through Facebook.

Understand the best time to post

The more people interact with your content the higher your engagement level will be. To increase the number of likes, comments and sharing for your posts, you should post your content when most of your followers are online. Finding the appropriate time to post can be challenging since it depends on several factors. That is why you need to experiment to get the perfect time for posting your content.

There are many people on Facebook posting their content. This has lead to increased competition for viewership. When you post your content at the wrong time, you risk it from being covered by more current content. You should continue posting until you identify the most ideal time for you.

You can have a better understanding of when and how your audience engages with your content by analyzing Facebook insights data. Experimenting on the best time to post will help you to understand your audience and the type of information they are interested in.

Create shareable content for Facebook

Facebook is a social place where people share content that they feel is worthy to be shared. Facebook engagement can significantly be improved by creating share-worthy content. Your followers can share your content even without requesting them to because of its quality.

Quality and share-worthy content give your followers and other readers a reason to spread your posts. Your post can go viral because of investing in share-worthy information. People always share relevant content and connect with them at a deeper level.

Regardless of your niche, you should always post relevant content that resonates with your followers’ interests. You should also put extra effort to create content that will make you stand out from the crowd and make people happy by sharing it.

Pin post for increased more visibility

Pinning a Facebook post increases engagement by 5 times. Like Twitter, you can pin a post on Facebook. Pinning will bring it to the top of the page for as long as you want it there. Pinning Facebook posts allows you to determine which post enjoys the highest visibility when followers visit your page. When a page has more views, the level of engagement increases too.

Share more videos

It has been proven that videos have a 135% greater organic reach than photos. Videos help to incorporate visuals and audio in one package. People find it easier to watch videos explaining a product rather than read a post with the same information. This could improve the levels of engagement tremendously since many people view your content. Besides, Facebook has made the process of uploading videos easy for everyone.

Ask the right questions

Engagement in Facebook becomes easier when people are naturally willing to reply to your posts. The greatest relationship you can have with your followers is to have free communication by asking and answering questions.

Posting questions to your followers is the best way to invite comments for your posts. A Question acts as a call to action and gets the attention of people by letting them share their ideas and thoughts. Facebook comments are good for receiving feedback from your potential customers. You can use the attained feedback to improve your product or give further information.

Comments give the social media network a clear understanding of what your page is all about. This information can be used to direct more fans to you.

Use Facebook Live

Facebook live is growing in many businesses. Both consumers and brands have accepted their effectiveness. No matter the size of your business, you can use Facebook to live with your audience to give them relevant information and increase your brand awareness in real-time.

When using Facebook live it is important to focus on the current moment since this is a platform that covers information happening now. If you need to get more engagement through Facebook live, you have to connect with your followers and talk about current topics.

The platform helps you to connect with your followers on a deeper level since they can see you live and get feedback in real-time. This makes your brand look more authentic and trustworthy. Through the live press, you can get immediate information about the type of content your followers need and how you can improve it.

Post Less

Posting more frequently can result in low engagement on your page in terms of clicks per post. When your followers notice too much frequent posting, they begin to associate your account with spambots programmed to make a certain number of posts within a specified duration. When you post less, you give your followers time to consume your content.

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