2020 had already come to an end. But before it did, the social media giant Facebook took a look at the things that people around the world were talking about. It has also seen how people act on social media. This analysis gave life to “The 2021 Topics and Trends Report From Facebook IQ.” This report is pointing out the emerging trends around the globe as the year 2021 enters. 

Moreover, Facebook pulled out three areas of interest that people have across North America. Businesses can use these topics to further connect with their customers and target audiences in 2021.

North America’s Emerging Facebook Topics and Trends For 2021

Awareness Turns to Action Into Facebook Likes

Racial inequality in the US has always been a major issue in the US. Many Americans are now leveraging their votes, voices, and even their wallets to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, protests demanding racial equality have grown in more than 2,000 cities and towns across all 50 states. 

On social media, Facebook, for instance, people are things about social justice. They aim to educate other people about systematic racism and allyship. Moreover, conversations revolving around social inequality in the US grew 4.4 times larger in a year across Facebook. This is a great way to safely buy Facebook likes on pages and posts!

Facebook also said that it had seen a renewed investment in local government. This happened as many people advocate for policies that will benefit their towns, cities, and neighborhoods. A lot of people are using their time and money for racial justice advocacy. Besides, plenty of individuals are supporting businesses owned by Black people. 

Apart from that, many are donating to racial justice causes. Collectively, the donations raised approximately $50 million on Facebook and Instagram between May and July 2020. 

Needless to say, the action is on the rise in the midst of injustices. 

Casual Culture

Government restrictions related to the global COVID-19 pandemic have left people with no choice but to stay home. This impacts everything from how people shop to how they work. Right now, work culture revolves around being home-based and video chats. Sometimes, this opens a virtual window into a social life while staying at home. 

Americans have already adapted to this new normal. And as they do, they have prioritized authenticity more than appearance. For instance, conversations on Facebook about cycling shorts in the US grew by 1.4 times over 2020. Also, people were learning to do their own upkeep instead of investing in hair care and manicure appointments. In fact, 46 percent of consumers in the US said they have already done some at-home grooming.

This authentic presentation also plays a role in how people communicate. With everyone facing changes and challenges right now, many individuals let their co-workers into their lives to open up about their needs. True enough, we cannot consider this as a major shift in people’s way of communication. However, it is still instilling self-compassion and empathy for other people. Over time, this shift will forge more authentic connections; thus, more people will exercise empathy.

Hardworking Homes

Home renovations have become very popular in Canada in recent years. This is because doing it yourself enthusiasts can recreate some home projects that they have seen in home improvement shows. From 2019 up to 2020, conversations related to home renovations in Canada spiked by 1.4 times on Instagram. 

North America’s Emerging Facebook Topics and Trends For 2021

People are now using their homes as their offices, schools, and even locations for vacations. For this reason, they are increasingly considering DIY home fix-ups to improve their living spaces and help them double as classrooms, offices, playgrounds, and gyms.

Last July 2020,  the amount people spent on household items in Canada grew by 20 percent year over year. Considerably, spends on DIY construction stores increased sharply. Therefore, it is no longer surprising that people will go to greater lengths to tailor their living spaces to their needs.

More of the Things that Businesses Can Expect from Facebook in 2021

Facebook is one of the biggest social media advertising platforms. A lot of businesses are leveraging it to reach their target audiences. For this reason, the social media giant has a lot more to offer for brands and businesses as 2021 comes to a start. 

Facebook Live

The increased usage of Facebook Live is probably one of the fastest rising Facebook trends this year. 

Governments all over the world imposed lockdowns in hopes of curbing the spread of COVID-19 in 2020. For this reason, consumers began relying on Facebook Live to get some social contact.’

During the second quarter of 2020, Facebook recorded a 26.9 percent year over year increase in Facebook Live usage. Notably, Socialbakers said a 126 percent increase in usage in a span of four months. 

Needless to say, the use of Facebook Live will continuously increase in 2021. 

The Growth of Facebook Video Marketing

Videos are the favorite type of content that people want to see on social media. In fact, the latest Facebook trends show that the video content published on the platform is increasing. Socialbakers also revealed that the overall percentage of video content in the third quarter of 2020 increased by 2.6 percent. 

Right now, videos make up 17 percent of all content on Facebook. This means that there are more videos on Facebook than links and status updates. 

North America’s Emerging Facebook Topics and Trends For 2021


No one really knows what 2021 has to offer. But if there is one certain thing, it is the fact that people have already adapted to the world’s new normal. They are now using Facebook as one of their means of communication with their friends, colleagues, and families. For this reason, businesses should definitely utilize the platform to widen their reach and possibly increase their sales amid the global pandemic. 

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