The world is now facing an unseen but fatal enemy as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect everyone’s lives. It began in December 2019 and developed from Wuhan, China. We believed it was a pneumonia-like condition, only that this one is highly contagious. It kills millions of people from all around the globe. 

Apart from infecting millions of people worldwide, the pandemic has also forced businesses to stop operating. This left the economies of various countries crumbling. 

Aside from the COVID-19 pandemic, several crises took place in different places. A wildfire occurred in the Amazon rainforest, where 20 percent of the world’s oxygen comes from. 

Buying Facebook Likes Transcend Equality

Furthermore, Black Americans were killed fragrantly. Women were subjected to domestic abuse in homes where they should have felt safe. Asians, as well as people with different religions, face xenophobic epithets. Members of the LGBTQ community were violated as if their lives do not matter. To assist, people buy Facebook Likes on the posts and pages promoting equality as a goodwill form. 

But in every crisis that the world is facing, there are also opportunities to help. The people behind Facebook are well-aware of this fact. For this reason, the company wanted inclusion to be one of the leading factors of everything it does.

Moreover, Facebook acted to bring welfare to everyone when the company found out that particular communities were facing the pandemic and economic hardships. Facebook committed millions of dollars to this minority.

This social media giant’s main goal is to uplift as many lives as it can while making money. 

How Facebook Changed People in 2020

The pandemic made people use social media as their reference for news. Now, Facebook works more than just an entertainment and communication platform. Instead, it serves as a news outlet for millions of individuals locked up inside their homes.

Of course, Facebook is still used by many people for entertainment purposes. However, some people seem to use this social media platform to violate the rights of others. Since more people are into social media, gradually disturbing concerns escalate. Racism became one of the fieriest topics recently. 

We All Leave Facebook Likes of the Same Color

Color discrimination of black people emerged from different social media platforms. Billions of people are using Facebook. For this reason, posts about racism spread like wildfire. This is not how people behind Facebook want the platform to be used. Instead, they want the platform to be filled with fairness, regardless of what skin color users have.

On the other hand, Facebook also commits helping people during the pandemic by ensuring them with precise information about the virus. It also supports fundraisers for relief operations and helps people stay connected while staying at home. The COVID-19 pandemic has constrained individuals around the globe. Change on schedules, daily routine, lifestyle, etc. begun. This drastic change caused stress for many people.  So, Facebook shared tips from specialists to remain well despite the sudden change that happened. Supports crafts by emotional well-being associations were put up in the platform. These are giving individuals instruments to deal with your time on Facebook.

The Growing Pandemic of Facebook Likes

Apart from the pandemic, racism against black people has been a sensitive topic for so many years. It exists in the US since the colonial era. Racism in laws, practices, and activities varies depending on their race or ethnicity. There is an inclination to order all victims of racism under the mark “non-white individuals.” The other one is “Dark, Asian and Minority Ethnic” individuals. 

Nonetheless, this generalist approach neglects to represent the fluctuated ways that prejudice influences various races. Every means of racism are critical and needs consideration. The obviousness of the brutality against Black people caught worldwide’s attention after George Floyd’s death. A video where he died under police custody posted on Facebook, and many people are affected by the way he was inhumanly arrested and murdered. It became an eye-opener for millions of black people to unite. They came together to fight for the right. Along with them are white and Asian people who supported their campaign.

A lot of people supported the black community through the use of Facebook. Various campaigns that call for racial injustice emerged. Needless to say, Facebook served as a tool for fighting for the rights of many.

Facebook Fights For Racial Justice

Facebook followed up on worker thoughts to help in the battle for racial equality. They commit to investing $1 billion in different providers in 2021. $100 million will be endowed on businesses owned by black people. Another $100 million was guaranteed for advertisement credits to small black entrepreneurs. 

Facebook has started creating methods also to help black people be heard in the next election. The company launched an ideal approach by propelling the biggest voter enlistment in US history.

To promote equality, Facebook also aims to have a work environment where everybody is given the same opportunity. It wants to create an organization where individuals get equal compensation for equivalent work. Moreover, the company directed compensation value studies for a long time. The company took various steps to improve the quality of the environment for its workforce. It has also expanded the acquisition of Black and Hispanic individuals over each classification.

There is no doubt that Facebook is making efforts to support the black community. In fact, it adjusted the percentage of black employees in their company. This step increased the percentage of underrepresented employees to half. Women in the company will also increase by 30% along with the Black and Hispanic employees. These are a great opportunity for black people to work with more confidence. 

The dominance of black people in the workforce is an effort to make the black community feel equally relevant to the non-black ones. Since Facebook is a big company, more small businesses will look up to them. They might copy Facebook’s practices in normalizing black people in the business.

Black Lives Matter on Facebook

Social media platforms have participated in the Black Lives Matter protest. This move aimed to help the victims of racial injustice to voice out their concerns. Without social networking sites like Facebook, the world may have never seen the severity of racial injustice. 

Besides, a significant number of protests are held on Facebook. Web-based social networking has also been useful in making greater responsibility for government workers. Be that as it may, these stages aren’t simply limited to a country affected by racism. In fact, Facebook-based protests happen worldwide.

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