Facebook has always been an important platform not only to establish one’s online presence but also to support one’s advocacy. That’s why if you want your efforts to be successful, do not just create a Facebook page—make sure that it’s optimized right from the start.

Use your Facebook page to impress visitors, inspire followers, and rouse various insights with quality and relatable content. A good example that illustrates these points is the “Desmond is Amazing” page on Facebook. This page grows Facebook followers faster than you can imagine!

Who is “Desmond is Amazing”?

Desmond Napoles is a drag queen, more commonly known as Desmond is Amazing. Like any drag queens, he can lip-synch, he wears makeup and clothes, and he is a performer and a fashion model. Unlike most drag queens, however, Desmond is not yet a teenager—he turns 12 this year.

Desmond found his drag interest while observing his mom, Wendy, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Wendy was unsure at first how to deal with Desmond’s interest, but Desmond’s parents have let him pursue his interest after talking to a therapist.

“We had to let go of that thought —’What are other people going to think?’—because it made him happy,” said Wendy. Desmond is now a rising star in his own way, and also a prominent child LGTBQ activist.


Wendy supervises Desmond when he performs or interacts with online fans. Wendy also owns and maintains the “Desmond is Amazing” pages on Facebook and other social media sites. Upon checking this page, you’ll see right away that strategies have been implemented right, like having a defined niche, eye-catching visuals, complete page description, and of course, relevant posts.

Desmond isn’t immune to backlash

As Desmond’s popularity soared, strong opinions and harassment also poured in. Conservative groups and media outlets have negatively linked Desmond’s performances with pedophilia, child abuse, and exploitation.

Desmond’s parents reacted against the negative press and defended their child on numerous occasions. In February, Desmond’s parents had asked Desmond’s followers to report Facebook pages which share Desmond is Amazing posts in a dissenting way. Two of these Facebook pages are news blog Populist Wire and child protection group Vigilantes for Children.


While Facebook is an excellent platform to push your advocacy, Desmond’s case had shown that one shouldn’t expect all people to agree with what they believe in. It’s a good thing that Desmond is blessed to have parents that protect and support him in his endeavors.

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