Top 5 Best Sites To Buy Facebook Followers

Did you know the best sites selling Facebook Followers are over 10 Years Old?

Welcome to the wonderful world of buying Facebook followers! You clearly are new here, but that’s okay – better late than never! You’ve probably already been aware that people are and have been buying Facebook Followers for years, but now it’s your time to shine, right? Maybe…

The fact that you are here reading reviews of sites to buy Facebook Followers means you have a healthy level of skepticism and foresight to realize you could be getting scammed from the many thousands of websites that sell these Facebook Followers. Great! You should only buy Facebook Followers from websites with good reviews and long histories, and we’ve done the research for you!

Top 5 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes

“Overall Best Provider for Likes”

5 Star Rating
  1. 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  2. Good-Quality Accounts
  3. Fast Turnaround
  4. Lifetime Retention Guarantee
  5. Good Customer Support


Per 5,000 views
Credit/Debit, Bitcoin

#2 MediaMister

“Great Provider for Likes”

5 Star Rating
  1. Good-Quality Followers
  2. Fast Turnaround Time
  3. Good Customer Support
  4. Good Money Back Guarantee
  5. Good Retention Warranty


Per 5,000 views
Credit/Debit, Bitcoin

#3 StormViews

“Excellent Provider & Fast Support”

5 Star Rating
  1. Good Quality Followers
  2. Fast Turnaround Time
  3. 100% Money Back Guarantee
  4. Lifetime Retention Guarantee
  5. Good Customer Support


Per 5,000 views
Credit/Debit, Bitcoin

#4 buy1000followers

“Great service & Support”

5 Star Rating
  1. Decent-Quality Followers
  2. Fast Turnaround
  3. Lifetime Retention Policy
  4. Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Good Customer Support


Per 5,000 views
Credit/Debit, Bitcoin

#5 Social Empire

“Organic Likes, Great Support”

5 Star Rating
  1. Subpar Quality Followers
  2. Fast Turnaround Time
  3. 100% Money Back Guarantee
  4. Lifetime Retention Guarantee
  5. Good Customer Support


Per 5,000 views
Credit/Debit, Bitcoin

Buy Facebook Post Likes

Why buy followers?

You can get people for your Facebook page just as you can get any other product or service. You have to look online and find a website that offers the ability to buy both likes and followers, then you make an agreement with them about what they will do for money.

So, should you buy Facebook Followers?

Sure, you can buy followers on Facebook. There are many pages where you can buy likes and followers for your page. These will cost money though (but not much). You would need to find a website or person who is selling the services of buying those likes and followers. It’s probably best to look online for this because it requires no face-to-face interaction with a human being.

Second, I think you’re ignoring the fact that people are paid to do this. So it’s not as simple as buying followers because if they didn’t get paid then no one would go through with it.

Third, I think you’re ignoring the fact that if not for these “fake” accounts then real people wouldn’t be able to get more followers. So really, it’s a matter of supply and demand.

How to Get More Facebook Likes on Facebook Posts

Engaging your Facebook Followers

If there is a way to buy followers on Facebook, than it would be the same for Instagram and Twitter. Whilst I am not an expert in human social media marketing, I can tell you that this market does exist – as I have seen many companies advertise their services to provide just such a service. Therefore, if people are willing to pay good money for these ‘fake’ followers, then clearly they must think that buying them will enhance their lives in some way.

Some people like to act as influencers. They have lots of followers and share their opinion on social media – which makes other people want to follow them, because they feel that these influencers are leaders or trendsetters in some way. This is not a bad thing, but I don’t think it can be achieved using bots.

How to Really Market your Fan Page to Get More Facebook Followers

Those who know that buying followers is possible may well use this knowledge themselves to gain popularity online – and thus everyone’s efforts to build up their presence online will become pointless.
I have also heard that some people worry about getting ‘shadow banned’ on social media – which means that although they have lots of followers, no one ever sees their posts. In the context of purchasing fake followers, I do not think this would happen much because once someone has been following you for a while then it is unlikely that bots will be able to pass the test. Most importantly, you could buy Facebook followers as a weapon on your competitors.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Followers

Some people may say that the buying and selling of followers is an act of fraud but I tend to think differently.
In a world where it seems that everyone is trying to be somebody, sometimes people need a little boost. So what if the process of buying and selling followers isn’t entirely honest? At least for those who have bought followers they can feel as though they are someone important.

  • Your Competitors Are Doing it: There are plenty of companies which offer it as a service. With the recent changes in the social media platform, there has been a lot of chatter about how this affects businesses and individuals who focus more on online presence than actual substance.
  • Strengthen Your Social Credibility: To put this in simpler terms, you’ll look more reputable so people are more likely to take you seriously, like your page and/or do business with you. The more Likes and Followers you have, the more social credibility you have.
  • More Effective Marketing Campaigns: They may want to make themselves look more popular than they are, and in turn feel better about themselves.
  • Increase Online Sales and Conversions: People do this for various reasons; perhaps their self-esteem is low and so if other people see them as popular then maybe they will like them more? Maybe the person wants to get good grades at school or university? Or maybe the person just likes feeling important because lots of people follow him?
  • Increase Natural Facebook Likes vi Self-Esteem: allowing your own bias of thinking that morality is black and white to color this topic. Perhaps there are other reasons why people buy followers, such as for their own self-esteem?
  • Not Real People: There is a lot of confusion about how the platform is supposed to work now and if it was worth all the trouble.
  • I think that there is not much more to say about the purchase of followers. It’s certainly possible, and plenty have already done it, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea or a wise thing to do.
  • Not A 100% Solution: The purchase of followers is a very short term solution. It can be useful for certain businesses, but it doesn’t last long and there are plenty other ways to get the social media presence you want.
  • Decreased Ratio of Real Activity: While you’ll get an overall increase in activity on your page, a higher portion of that will be inactive. If you buy Facebook followers, you’ll decrease the ratio of active fans.
  • Somewhat Frowned Upon: Buying Facebook Likes isn’t exactly the most publicly acceptable practice, so you’ll have to keep things on the down low if you do it.
  • Scams Are Everywhere: I know that some businesses do this, but the whole idea behind it seems to me rather pointless. It’s a bit like having lots of money and buying expensive things; you might impress other people with how much wealth you have, but in reality these things aren’t really valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is it really possible to buy Facebook Followers?

Yup, it’s trulypossible! People are trying to become famous through the internet. This is because their lives don’t turn out as they wanted. They feel that if they can get enough attention to Facebook, maybe something good will happen.

Are bought Facebook followers real or fake?

So, can people buy followers on Facebook? I’d say yes. It’s a common misconception that social media is an accurate depiction of reality.
It’s not. It’s a distorted mirror that people use to create their own personal image of themselves.
And then they hang on to that image, no matter how false it is. They’ll tell themselves they’re a good person that their life has a purpose.

How much should Facebook Followers cost?

It depends on the quality of the Followers you buy. You can buy 1,000 Followers for around $20 to $55. Beware of cheap websites and scams, of course!

Will you gain followers, clicks, or sales when you buy Facebook Followers?

People are also looking for an easier way to make money. They think that if they have more followers or likes, maybe someone will discover their talents and give them a lot of money.
Most people want to have fun and aren’t very serious about life. They don’t take things seriously like they’re supposed to.
Some people want friends and don’t have any, so they buy them if someone can sell them.

Why should I buy Facebook Followers?

Brands and celebrities are always vying for mass appeal, so anything that can give them more popularity is good. Like any other product or service, social media comes with various costs and benefits. The biggest benefit of using social networks like Facebook is sharing information quickly with just about everyone in the world instantly—and this works both ways.

How does buying Facebook Followers work?

The highest cost is the time wasted by users scrolling through posts, looking at pictures, videos, and advertisements. The second highest cost is the emotional toll from people being exposed to content they don’t like or agree with—such as news about crime, disease, or just people sharing their political opinions.

Does buying real Facebook Followers really work?

Yes, the highest cost is the possibility that people will buy fake social media accounts or likes and/or followers. The best way to avoid this is by using your own common sense, looking at who you are following and what they are posting.

Is buying Facebook Followers a scam?

The biggest risk of not using social media is that you can spend your time more wisely and avoid the costs associated with it.
I think the best way to avoid social media costs is not to use it at all, but if you really feel like you need it because everyone else is using it, then carefully consider what your true goals are and how much time and money you want to spend.

Is it illegal to buy Facebook Followers?

No. It’s imperative to us that other people see the same reality we do. The idea is called ‘reality monitoring,’ which basically means paying attention to what other people think and noticing when they disagree with you. It’s an evolutionary function – it prevents us from seeing things that aren’t really there.

Can other people tell if you buy Facebook Followers?

No. When you get more friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, it’s not about how many people you know who could potentially like your post – it’s about the number of people who have chosen to directly endorse your identity by clicking ‘like’ or following you. There are two reasons for this: First is the desire for what philosophers call ‘authenticity,’ which means having an identity that feels real rather than constructed.

Can you make money from buying Facebook Followers?

Unfortunately no, People want attention.
Some people are a bit crazy and think they can become famous.

Will you get likes, dislikes, or comments when you buy Facebook Followers?

Not usually. Humans are deeply social creatures, and one of the most important ways we create a sense of belonging is through mutual recognition.
And perhaps most importantly, we like people to notice us. For all the talk about our ‘inner lives’ and how much attention we pay to thoughts and feelings rather than external objects, research shows that humans are still very much creatures of their environment – not just in terms of the material world around them but also social reality.

How can I share my Facebook Followers buying experience?

It’s simple! Just submit your own experience with a site with us and we will share and update our dedicated page.

Can you really buy Facebook Followers and not be scammed?

If you’re someone who pays attention to these things and notices other people’s attention, then having more Twitter followers or Facebook likes can seem like a badge of honor. It means that ‘the masses’ approve of you – which is another way of saying that the people with whom your social reality most closely aligns have chosen to pay attention to you. First and foremost, it is important to note that humans have had a long history of buying followers. For example, in ancient Rome, the elite used to hire people to clap for them at events. These days though, we pay money to boost our egos on social media platforms like Facebook. The clapping has evolved into likes and comments.

Are the likes that I buy going to unlike my post?

The reason people buy followers is quite simple. Put, it makes them feel good about themselves. According to a study done by the University of Michigan, when you think someone likes your Facebook page, you like yourself more.

Am I going to buy real or fake Facebook likes?

Furthermore, many people buy Facebook followers to increase their popularity. This is because many people desire social acceptance and want to be popular amongst other people.
It is also important to note that many people who buy Facebook followers do so because they are afraid of being unpopular.
This is because they are afraid of being rejected by the people around them. Not many people want to be rejected.
Rejection can be particularly traumatizing to people. People are afraid of being rejected by the people who they love and hate.

Is buying Facebook likes safe?

Definitely. People buy Facebook followers because they want to be perceived more highly than what others actually see. It’s a way of improving their image, or how the world sees them. People have always wanted to do this, and it is common in all societies around the globe.
However, buying Facebook followers is a silly thing to do. People are not real friends or allies. They are merely people you know of and can use for your own advantage in the future.

Can a company remove Facebook likes after delivering them?

This is not a very probable scenario. In the end, buying Facebook followers is like paying someone to be your friend. You are paying them to pretend that you are more popular than you actually are.
Ultimately you may be paying people to pretend that they care about you. It is like a ridiculous charity donation where the money does not help those in need but rather goes towards advertising.


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