Businesses can be life-changing, especially if you consider your passion. With more and more people engaging in small and home stores, social media has played a significant role in tying it together. Facebook today is home to millions of small companies with different types of services and products. However, if your drive for business is astronomical, here are some business ideas you may want to consider.

Handyman and Carpentry

Do you love fixing things like plumbing, roofing, installations, and whatnot? Then having a dedicated page for your services is worth it. Handyman jobs are considered as one of the easiest to get jobs online. Why? Most people are inclined to have one for their house. One of the advantages of becoming a handyman is the expertise and availability solely depends on you. What’s more, you can make arrangements for your clients and customers. By having a Facebook business page, you can ask your friends to spread your business and accumulate clients via messages and emails.

Woodworking, Pottery, and Handicrafts

Is your passion creating uniquely designed woodworks or vases? Then, getting your Facebook business page is a must? Not only can you entice your audience by showing your services online, but having a page also gives you the possibility to upload images of your newly created pieces. You can target customers that love custom made wooden furniture.

To add flair to your Facebook business page, you can post images of your products for your audience to see. Also, you can conduct live streaming sessions for potential customers to know how you do your crafts and create a social status that would put your business more trustworthy. Moreover, posting relevant posts on your Facebook page can allow you to increase your Facebook likes and followers.

Personal Trainer

If you love working out, then why not make that drive to be fit into business? There are a lot of people searching for new ways to get fit. By offering your routines as your personal guides to becoming fab, you can create an ever-growing business. Also, yoga is one of the best mentally calming exercises and meditations to date. If you have a background on yoga or any other meditation methods, grab your laptop, and it’s time to create a business page for you. 

Once you have a Facebook business page, it will be best if you regularly update your page with current success stories of your previous clients and add simple routine videos your audience can do at home. This will provide a more definite engagement possibility for potential clients.


When you talk about Freelancing, it mostly covers computer works, including graphic designs, web designs, website development, content creation, and many more. If you have the skills for this, then why not turn it into business? With more people entering the entrepreneurial era, most companies are willing to hire freelancers over the internet. Since Facebook is readily accessible to all, you can post your sample designs or articles on your Facebook page. This will let people and your audience know what your scope and field are. 

Garden Designer and Landscaper

Tending a garden can be a tedious job, especially if you own a big one. This is the common problem of most families who own giant landscaped-gardens. Now, if you love to redesign landscapes or are astonished by plants, then why not set up a garden design and landscaping business? Several people are negligent when it comes to designing a garden. With this, this type of business is a lucrative affair, especially if you have the right equipment and tools for the job.

Professional Photographer and Videographer

Video creation and production have been all the craze today. With businesses entering the age of technology and media, a lot of companies are searching for video editors they could utilize for their business. Now, if you have the right equipment for you to create amazing images and videos, then take it all to your Facebook business page. Provide sneak peeks of your editing skills, or create an album of your best photographs. What’s more, you can do your passion in the comforts of your home.

Car-Detailing Expert

Have you heard of “Pimp My Ride?” Car detailing services, today, are in high demand. Clients are searching for experts that offer home car detailing. Now, if you have the right tools and equipment with a vehicle for transportation, why not make this your hobby and your job. Creating your very own pieces of art on your client’s car is the best source of content to fill your Facebook page. Once you have created and finished detailing one of your client’s cars, upload it together with the area or location of your customer. This will let you target an audience of the same niche in one place

Personal Chef

Did you know cooking is a highly demanded business online? You’ll find different companies that range from restaurateurs to buffet coordinators. With the busy schedules of people nowadays, few people have enough time to cook for themselves. And, if you are one of those people who loves cooking, then why not try it for business? You can advertise your cooking services from local families to massive firms and companies. Also, consider cooking for certain groups of clients – Italians, vegetarians, or meat-lovers – so you can cook bigger batches of food, making your cooking less of a hassle.

Once you have made one successful event, you can then post those videos or photos on your business page and gather up likes and followers. This will give you a huge opportunity to increase your audience and prospective clients. 

Pet Sitter and Influencer

One factor of the internet is that animals are always a hot topic. Animals, including pet snakes, chinchillas, and sugar gliders, are viral content when it comes to the internet. And if you’re an animal fanatic, then why not take your love for animals and create a business. For starters, you can try building a business for pet sitting. Pet sitters are a highly searched commodity on the internet. Since most animal-owners can’t afford the time to play or nurture their pets, they call for a pet sitter.

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