Facebook is a social media giant where you can find a diverse line of audience. With more than 2.5 billion users on its shoulders, Facebook is a great place to promote, advertise, and market business. For this reason, many business owners and influencers have used Facebook as a foreground to increase business visibility and presence. The increasingly crowded environment of Facebook has captivated more than 80 million small to medium-sized businesses on Facebook’s platform.

Facebook business pages are increasingly turning into a general step in starting a business. With various apps supporting Facebook, several companies are still wary of when and what to choose. If you are searching for applications to utilize Facebook’s platform better, here are some that you may consider.

Apps To Increase Facebook Followers

Start-Up Facebook Page Applications

Increasing your follower count and like amount can be a troublesome job, especially if you are starting from a new page. Having a business page for your services or company can drive more traffic to your business website. With this in mind, interconnecting them using different applications is a top priority.

Instagram for More Facebook Followers

While many people are purchasing Facebook Followers for instant success. Instagram is another social media powerhouse on the internet. And one notable feature that sets Instagram and Facebook together is connection. You can connect your Instagram business account to your business page based on Facebook. Although the main reason you’ll be using this is to create a wider audience over the same niche, you can also enable ads to run on both platforms. What’s more, you can monitor your Instagram ads through your business page on Facebook.

WhatsApp Business For Followers

Communication is another crucial factor to increase your followers on Facebook. And one way to do this is to connect your WhatsApp Business to your Facebook page. This will help you increase engagement if your primary channel of communication is WhatsApp. Moreover, once you have set up the connection between Facebook and WhatsApp, you can have the option to activate campaigns that redirect to your WhatsApp Business Account.

IG Reviews

Since your Instagram Business account is connected to your Facebook page, the number of followers on Instagram can reflect on your Facebook page. One way of increasing your Instagram followers is by buying them from a legit site like IG reviews. This is an excellent option if you are inclined to garner a considerable amount of followers in an instant. Another advantage of IG reviews is that you get to purchase real followers, which enables you to have a wider audience when you consider the followers of your followers.


Content Applications To Increase Facebook Engagement

Interesting posts, captivating photos, and enticing video content are essential for you to have better engagement on your business page. Studies have shown that there is a higher chance for potential viewers and subscribers to click and watch your content if they have images. With this, here are some applications you can use to create sophisticated content for your business page.


If you do not have sufficient experience in photoshop of any other high-end imaging software, don’t fret, Canva is here to help. Most businesses hire graphic designers to create images and videos for their audience to see. But if you lack one, Canva provides you with all the essential tools for content creation in one application. With more than 50,000 pre-built templates, you’ll find an extensive array of designs for cover photos and thumbnail creation. Canva also enables you to edit images and logos to create better branding for your business.



Video content has been crowned supreme when it comes to delivering engagement to a page or site. And if you’re inclined to integrate videos on your page but lack the necessary tools, Animoto is your best option. Just like Canva’s platform, you will find pre-made video templates making video creation a cinch. The drag and drop method used on this software enables you to create vivid videos with a few clicks of the mouse. What’s more, Animoto provides you with more than one million stock assets ranging from fonts to transitions.


Another way to increase your followers is to conduct streaming sessions on your Facebook page. Although most businesses have not fully utilized this option, most influencers and online markets did. Product reviews and suggestive streaming has a better chance of driving traffic to your page. Since streaming often is accompanied by live chats, users are better attracted.

Have you experienced thinking every single day on what and when you’ll be posting your content? And, with different social media platforms on the net, posting can be a daunting task. Although Facebook has the option to schedule posts, interconnecting them with several other platforms is difficult. However, with Hootsuite, scheduling posts has never been made easier. Hootsuite enables you to post content on multiple social media platforms in one go. What’s more, the application provides you with an analysis of the best time you must post content.

increase and get more facebook followers using applications

Tracking and Analysis Applications for Your Facebook Page

Insights and analytics of your Facebook page show how much it has grown or shrunk in the market. Tracking your business page plays an integral part in increasing your follower count. How? This will give you a heads up on when to make deliberate changes to your content. Plus, you can analyze the steps the competition is building and implementing them on your page. Here are some applications that can supply you with reliable information.

Facebook Insights

Since Facebook is a well-known platform for different accounts of information, the developers have created an insight application for business pages. You can use the app to check whether your content is making an impact on your pages’ follower count. Moreover, the app can give you an in-depth analysis of which posts are highly regarded by users.


If you are handling multi-faceted businesses and requires you to create different pages for each, monitoring them can be a disaster. Fortunately, Pageview is a dedicated application that can help a team of experts handles different pages at once. The application can be integrated into a Facebook page, which then monitors visitors, posts, reviews, and comments.

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