AudienceGain Review: 87% Overall

Overall, I think that the company did a pretty good job. They could have done better if they had been able to figure out what you really wanted from them, though.

I understand that Facebook Likes are generally the result of one person, or a small group of persons, wanting to express approval for something. In this case, I would guess they were approving the company’s plan to deliver exactly what it had promised.

AudienceGain Review: Customer Service

Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during, and after a purchase. There are three main areas of customer service: pre-sale, on-sale, and post-sale. In the pre-sale stage, customer service involves communicating with customers about their needs and requirements.

The on-sale stage, customer service involves providing information to customers about the product they are buying.
In the post-sale stage, customer service involves responding to queries from customers about their purchase.

Customer service may also involve the provision of a warranty or guarantee for products. These are provided to protect customers against poor quality so that they can be confident about their purchase.

I am going to take an objective stance here. I believe that customer service is one of the most important factors in a company’s success. To be successful, they must rely on their customers and not just sell products based on brand name alone.
I always put this into perspective, so let’s say that a big company like Microsoft is making a new Operating System and they want to make sure it is as good as possible.

They would hire a bunch of people to make sure that the OS is designed perfectly. That way, they will sell more computers and be successful.
I am trying to make that there are many other factors in a company’s success besides the product. Of course, products play a factor too.

AudienceGain Review: Fast Delivery

The company finished delivering the marketing service ahead of schedule. This is a good thing, as it allows for more time to be spent on other projects or with family/friends etc. I cannot determine how many marketing services were delivered, but let’s assume it was a large number. To deliver the service, people had to be hired and trained, which is an expense.

The result of the service being delivered ahead of schedule was a profit. This is also a good thing, as it means more available money for other projects or with family/friends etc. I cannot determine how much profit was made, but let’s assume it was a significant amount. Going back to the initial topic, it is good that the service was delivered ahead of schedule.

AudienceGain Review: Overall

I think the company did a decent job overall, considering that they were provided with an incomplete and inaccurate report of what marketing services to provide. In my opinion, where the company fell short was in their inability to accept any responsibility for their shortcomings despite ample opportunity. It is also important to note that I am not blaming them for this; it’s just something that should be considered when discussing this topic.

If I were to grade the company’s performance, I would give them a solid B. You have some fascinating points that deserve attention, but some things need work. If you want my professional opinion on the matter, I would say they did pretty well overall.

I think the company did an okay job. They probably could have done quite a bit better if they had listened more to your needs and made some changes, but overall I don’t think it was that bad.

Conclusion On Facebook Likes and Follower Provider: Audience Gain

I want to say that Facebook Likes are just a meaningless, arbitrary collection of symbols. However, I do not think it is appropriate for me to judge whether you were correct in your judgment about this symbol’s meaning.

I understand that there are many things people use Facebook likes for, including expressing approval or disapproval. It is also possible to like a post because you feel it will increase your friends’ chances of seeing the post – which I suppose can be seen as an expression of approval.
It is my understanding that there are many different circumstances under which Facebook likes can be given. People may like a post because they think it is funny or because they want to show their friends that they agree with an opinion.

Of course, I understand that Facebook likes are just a small part of the much larger picture. It is also my understanding that the act of delivering what you have promised has positive effects on all parties involved.

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 33 reviews
 by Miguel


 by Esther
Pleased client

Our order for 1500 facebook likes was delivered within 48 hours which was pretty fast considering the quality of likes they got us. The whole process flowed smoothly without any hitches thanks mainly to their very prompt customer support.

 by Lucas
Great job

The thing that hooked me to these guys is their customer protection policies which gave me the confidence to do business with them. I was at least assured i would get my money back in case of anything. That wasnt necessary in the end as i got my likes, high quality likes that were delivered fast and in full.

 by Gregory
Superb work

I have been using this service for the last 6 months. I run multiple accounts and i have seen them grow thanks to the quality of likes i get from them. My most recent purchase was delivered very promptly as i had requested since i was supposed to beat a deadline. Despite the short notice they delivered as usual.

 by Rose
Exemplary service

They delivered all the likes within the agreed time frame. Their customer support were really nice, answered every single question and even informed us about their customer protection policies. That played a key role in our decision to use this service.

 by Derrick
Good job

Their delivery speed was impressive. I got all my likes on the same day. The quality of likes was remarkable with most likes coming from authentic looking accounts. Their customer support team was great as well responding quickly and giving satisfactory responses.

 by Benjamin

They delivered our order in the agreed time. The quality of Facebook likes was totally brilliant. The likes came from real accounts or accounts that had profile pictures and were actively posting. Their customer support was awesome as well even getting back to find out if we were satisfied.

 by Claire
Superb work

I got good quality likes in a very short period of time. I made it clear to the customer support that we were working on a deadline and that we needed the likes delivered promptly. They did exactly that and even got us some extra likes 😉

 by Darlene
Excellent Support

Customer support is great and the services as well. Will definitely use the same services again.

 by Caleb

Our facebook likes were delivered promptly as we had agreed. The quality was the impressive thing about this service. Most likes came from accounts that had features similar to authentic accounts. Here you get quick deliveries of quality likes.

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