When it comes to social media marketing, the number of Facebook followers you have is not just a vanity metric. Facebook popularity can lead to a quite a lot of benefits — some are obvious, while some are not so obvious.

Having more Facebook followers means you’ll have more people interacting with your posts. More importantly, the social proof you’ll gain from a massive following will earn you the trust of potential customers. With a popular page, you’ll even perform better in search!

Here are proven ways you can improve your online ranking and gain more followers on Facebook.  

1. Cross-Promote Your Page

On your other social media pages, post whatever content you post on your Facebook and ask your followers to follow you there. Also, don’t limit cross-promotion on social networks. Create Facebook widgets on your websites where your readers can find you and follow you on Facebook. Also, don’t forget to embed your posts!

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In fact, promote your Facebook page anywhere you can online. If you haven’t asked your private online groups and forums to follow you yet, now is the time to do so.

2. Promote Your Page In Real Life

There’s nothing wrong with actually asking friends in real life to follow you on Facebook. So go ahead and give out calling cards with your Facebook page on it. Ask friends for their Facebook pages too, so you can send invites for them to follow or like your page. Do this every time you meet or network with someone new. If you consistently do this with every person you meet, you’re bound to end up with a large following.

You can actually kickstart growth of your Facebook followers by buying Facebook followers to get your account started. The number of people appearing to like your page will positively influence others to like your page, too.

You should know that only a small percentage of your followers see your updates. When a follower likes your page, he’ll be able to see your content more often and your post reach will go up as well.

3. Find Relevant Accounts To Follow

Reach out to brand influencers in your field. Here are ways you can do that:

  • Attend relevant conferences and connect with them in person.
  • Follow their pages.
  • Leave valuable comments on their posts.
  • Start conversations with them, share their posts and engage with those who have commented on those posts.

Brand influencers can have a huge impact on the reach of any account. When starting out, be sure to follow Facebook’s branded content policy It simply states:

  1. No pre, mid, or post-roll ads are allowed in videos or audio content.
  2. No banner ads in videos or images.
  3. There can be no title cards in the first three seconds, and mid video cards cannot long will last longer than three seconds.
  4. There can be no branded content in showmarks or trailer videos.
  5. You can’t use the branded content tool to tag a brand, Page, or business partner without the consent of the page.
  6. Facebook profile pages cannot accept anything of value to post content that they didn’t create or which doesn’t feature them.
  7. All laws and regulations must be followed, including disclosure laws in your country.

That is quite a list, but the payoff can be big. Influencers have many followers, and you can connect with some of them to grow your Facebook account. As an example, Wendy’s Lookbook frequently teams with Nordstrom on content:

The first link leads directly to a sales page for Nordstrom for the item she’s wearing.

4. Consider Advertising

If you have a budget to spare, spend a little for advertising to extend your reach and gain more followers in the process. Select your audience and target only the people who might be interested in your business.

Learn how you can retarget your ads to people who have visited your websites or blogs too. Advertising will not only increase your reach but also create a buzz around your name.

As a matter of fact, even if you create a campaign elsewhere, people will follow you on your Facebook page. Consider how the brand’s ‘Girls Don’t Poop’ historical ad went live on YouTube and days later grew its Facebook fans by 70%!

5. Provide Quality, Consistent And Shareable Updates

Demonstrate the value of following your brand by providing quality content. Remember that it’s often the content that determines the success or failure of a business page. Who wants to follow a page that puts you to sleep?

Attract new fans by posting interesting content even if you’re from a boring industry. Check out how GE manages to make the subject of technology and engineering interesting on their Facebook page. Notice how the common theme of most of their posts is the addition of a human story, like the one below.


6. Host A Facebook Contest

Running a contest on Facebook where one requirement is to follow your brand will bring in new followers to you. There are a number of rules and guidelines which you must follow according Facebook, but they’re not that restrictive. The type of contest which is going to help you the most is one which requires following a page, but also requiring a share of the contest can help even more.

You can actually combine a Facebook follower campaign with another social media platform through Facebook contests. You can say “like or follow our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram,” for example.

7. Buy Facebook Likes

You can buy Facebook post likes to increase social signals that will make your page rank higher on search engine results pages.

Massive likes on your page will also help build your social proof. Social proof makes it easy for others to decide to follow you because the number of likes your page shows indicates the number of people who trust your brand. The higher the number, the greater the social proof.

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Image credit: The Daily Egg

On a Facebook business page, there’s a follow and a like button. The difference between the two mainly boils down to how often users will see your updates. A user liking your page will automatically become your follower as well and will be able to see most of your updates.

Users can also like your page without following you (by unfollowing after liking) or follow you without liking you.

8. Engage With Others and Share Their Posts

Connecting with your followers, other brands, and influencers while sharing their posts on your timeline will help you attract more followers.

Psychology’s theory of reciprocity says the people you engage with will likely reply or comment back on your posts. Engagement matters a lot on Facebook because it’s one of the factors that affect your posts’ visibility on the platform.  

How much engagement a post gets determines how many of your followers will see your posts. The more likes your post receives, the more Facebook will decide to show your posts to more people.

9. Use Facebook Insights To Your Advantage

Finally, monitor your success and see which tactics work and which don’t by looking into your stats. Take advantage of what Facebook Insights can offer to improve your campaigns. Your insights can tell you people who are following you so you can easily decide who to re-target in your ads. Your stats can also tell you what kind of posts perform well so that you can gear your future content towards what people engaged with the most.


Your stats will help you make decisions in running campaigns, assist you in providing quality content and ultimately lead you to more followers for your page!

Get More Followers On Facebook!

The number of followers you have on Facebook indicates not just your popularity on the platform, but also the trust of the public in your brand. The more followers you have, the more you’ll gain followers as well as trust increases exponentially!

Keep growing your followers using these time-tested ways of increasing fans on Facebook. At the end of the day, your followers aren’t just a way to show off your influence, they also actually help you improve your online presence more and gain a solid customer base for your brand.

Get your audience to follow you today!

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