Facebook page is an excellent tool on the popular social media platform-Facebook. Having a page makes it easier for your fans to find you and communicate with what you do. It is a smart way to separate your presence from other stuff(s) you are involved in. Guess what it cost to open a Facebook page? Absolutely nothing!

Eight (8) ways to create a Facebook page that attracts likes

Creating a Facebook page is free.

Facebook page differs from a Facebook personal profile in several ways. Even though a page is connected to your Facebook personal profile in a way, it is to ensure Facebook administrators identify you as the owner of the page. One of the differences in the analytic features of a page, and another is the business outlook a page gives your brand. A Facebook page also includes some essential tools for content and promotional opportunities.

Facebook page types are categorized into six (6) one can choose from depending on the aim and objectives of the page. They are:

  • Local Business
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, Band or public figure
  • Cause or community

Eight (8) ways to create a Facebook page that attracts likes

Creating a page is one thing, making it fit for numerous likes is another. I would not want to push aside a concern that some folks sell likes from fake accounts. It will not only make you appear disloyal but also crash the page in the long run. Such only populate your likes; engagement will be dormant. A Facebook page has some feature that enables ‘real’ likes. Below are listed eight of them.

Go for a unique page title

Try to imagine yourself about to give a name to your newly born child. I am sure you will carefully select a unique one. This applies to your Facebook page as well.
First and foremost ensure the name describes your activities so as not to mislead followers. For instance, the word ‘melody’ suggests a musical page; it will be wrong for you to use, such when you intend an educational page. Do not forget to make your title easy to pronounce and search for.

Never overlook those profile images

Profile images include profile and cover photo. A cover photo is the first thing a visitor on your page will see, it is equally as important as a profile picture, and must be carefully selected. Attach a description to your cover page as well, so that, anyone who checks the cover page, get to know a bit about the page beforehand.

You can add the link to your website too.

Eight (8) ways to create a Facebook page that attracts likes

Your profile images must be of high resolution with the right dimension of 180 by 180 pixels for a profile picture and 851 by 315 pixels for a cover photo. However, be aware that these dimensions might be subject to change periodically by Facebook.

Keep your Facebook page active

As a page owner, you should not create one for record sake alone but with the mindset of adding value to people. Update your Facebook page from time to time with useful content. Never get tired of posting relevant posts in line with your Facebook page title. Ensure such posts are entertaining, inspiring, educative, at the same time engaging.

You can consider establishing a team to govern the page as managing people and posts can be hectically. If you are starting a page, you might have to publish a few contents on the page before inviting people. By this, you get to avoid them seeing your page empty and discouraging when they check-in at first.

Keep your content short and interesting

Some Facebook users who feel lazy to create content on their page, tend to look for relevant posts they can share. Is your page content suitable for such a share? The more your post is shared, the more the likes you receive.

Eight (8) ways to create a Facebook page that attracts likes

Above all, short and lively wins the likes game is a rhythm you should always keep at heart. Make your information and content short and precise. No unnecessary pre-ambles should be added. No one desires to read another form of an encyclopedia.

Consequently, keep your readers’ memory fresh with your content, so they remember even after they might have taken eyes off your page. This way, you stick your page into their heart and recommend your page whenever a referral is needed. Bear in the heart that an admirer of a well-constructed content can be propelled to press the ‘like’ button and further share your content with friends who will also like your page as well.

Run a Facebook ad of your page

This is the greatest way to reach your targets. However, it attracts a payment that must be remitted periodically to get the desired results. Running a Facebook page ad helps reach a more significant number of users at the same time effortlessly.

Eight (8) ways to create a Facebook page that attracts likes

Be authentic and professional

Keep up the game in what you do. Do not let your idea and content appear outdated or archaic. Your followers will be pleased with you if you always give them the ‘first-hand’ information. Be the first to let them get to know about the newest released album, the scholarship opportunity, or new car or phone in town. In all, be on top rank and maintain it as such.

A call to action helps

Such an appeal could be in the form of a contest, debate, or any interactive measures you can think of. This way you get to have more fans, and as you know, the more your fans, the more your likes.

Collaborate with other pages of like minds.

Collaboration with a win-win mindset is another easy way to make your Facebook post likes to increase beyond your expectations. Placing a shout-out to mentors or a friend with a high number of followers can be a great tactic to attract more likes. Apart from this, you can partner with other Facebook pages to push your content, advert, and product.

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