Is your Facebook page like a ghost town? No one checks or visits on you? And if you do get a visitor, they will just scan through – no likes, no share, no activity at all.

Your digital marketing team is doing their best to publish on ideal times and create the best content, but you still have problems with your Facebook visits and engagements.

Don’t worry. You are not the only one. There are a lot of Facebook pages out there who rarely have an activity from its visitors.

This is a very common problem. Whilst, posting content on well-visited times is very important, there are still other factors that you need to consider if you want to have a more engaging Facebook page.

Studies and researches by famous digital marketing companies have produced interesting and powerful statistics that might solve your Facebook page engagement problem. Here are some of them.


7 Tips To Have A More Engaging Facebook Page

1. The Power of Photos

Believe it or not, but photo posts get a lot more interaction than shared links, text-based updates, and videos. They are 93% more engaging than any other content. In fact, according to a study conducted by Kissmetrics, photo posts get 104% more comment, 84% more click-throughs and 53% more likes.

And if you want your posts to be more engaging, make sure to use self-explanatory photos.

Another interesting and surprising fact is that photos that belong in a photo album get 180% more engagement. So the usual practice of posting individually is really not working for all of us. If you have multiple images, better put them together in a Facebook album.

2. The Shorter the Better

Stop yourself if you have a lot to say on Facebook because shorter posts get more interaction. Keeping your posts at a 250 characters minimum can give your page 60% more engagement. And if you lower it down to 80 characters, you will get 66% more interaction. So the shorter post is not just for Twitter, it works well too with Facebook.

The next time you post an update on your Facebook page, be clear, concise and limit it to 80 to 250 characters.

With this powerful statistic, it is interesting to think that what works for another platform may also work in another.

3. Use Emoticons

Emoticons are not just for direct or group messages. They are not just for teens. They are also a powerful element to include in your posts. In fact, posts with emoticons get more likes, shares, and comments. They are a very powerful tool to use in improving your engagement as they get shared for over 33% and they get a 30%  increase in comments. More so, they get 57% increase on likes than those who do not use emoticons.

Perhaps, one of the reasons for this is that emoticons tend to make your posts more human. So the next time you posts, don’t hesitate to use that smiley icon, or that thumbs up or that 100 check mark!

4. Posts on Thursdays and Fridays

Still having a hard time when to post your content? Studies by Buddymedia shows that Facebook page engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

Perhaps this is because most people are not at work on these days. So if people are not at work, they are probably spending time on their phones.

According to the study, Thursdays and Fridays are ideal days for any kind of content on different industries like healthcare, automotive, retail, sports, among others. And it is surprising to find out that no matter what kind of content you have for your industry, Mondays and Tuesdays are not good days for engagements.

5. Ask Questions

If you are after increasing the number of people commenting on your posts, better to ask a question. According to Kissmetrics, question posts get 100% increase on comments than the usual text-based content. Hubspot also shares the same finding. They also found out that questions with ‘would’, ‘should’, ‘who’, and ‘which’ get more comments. And questions with ‘why’ and ‘how’ attracts fewer comments as this tends to make the user think deeper.

So if you are after your customers’ comments, make sure to ask them the right question based on these studies.

6. Create Contest

If you want your Facebook page to have more likes and follows, give your audience a reason to do it. One of the best things that will encourage them to like and follow your page is to create a contest. According to research, 35% showed that the audience follows Facebook pages because of the contest they are offering.

Furthermore, if you want to ensure engagement powerful words like ‘winner’ ‘content’, ‘win’, promotion’ and ‘enter’ are the words to go to.

7. Be Generous with Discount

Who wouldn’t want a discount? So if you want to attract engagement on your Facebook page, make sure to be generous in giving a discount or coupon on your product. Attract visitors using these. Studies from Social Stacked shows that 42% of Facebook fans like and follow a page because they get a discount or coupon from it.

Another study also shows similar reports that coupon-based marketing campaigns received higher engagements than ordinary posts.


These are just some of the powerful statistics that we really need to pay attention to if we want to increase engagement on our Facebook pages. These are not just numbers. These are numbers that will help us with increasing our brand presence online and find our next customer.

When it comes to social media like Facebook, numbers like these help to better understand our audience and be able to reach out to them.

Try some of these facts-based Facebook tips on your digital marketing strategy and see how it will make a difference. When it comes to social media, it is important to test and test until you find the best strategy for your brand.

Social media algorithms, trends, culture, fads, etc. are some of the things that you should watch out for since it can change the way people think about the use of Facebook or other social media platform in general. So these tips may be working this year, but next year it will be a different story.

May you have more engagements to your Facebook page!



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