With over 2.1 billion Facebook users, this platform has been termed to be the largest social media platform. Same as having an internet website, with amazing Facebook pages, you can promote your business or brand to the billions of active users who are likely to fit your customer Facebook profile.

We define a Facebook page as a public profile that businesses, celebrities, brands, organizations, people seeking to promote themselves online publicly create. On this platform, different people can connect and interact with you or your business.


7 Absolutely Amazing Facebook Pages

Why do you need an Absolutely Amazing Facebook page? Here is why:

  • Creating brand awareness

As you interact with more people on Facebook, make new connections, post relevant content, and ensure the existing relationships last, you are building brand awareness for your business without much expense. The more you post, and the more your followers share your posts, their followers see the same post and still share, this increases the number of prospective followers who eventually become your clients and customers.

  • Recognize your target audience

Through the highly calibrated demographic, Facebook insights data and interests of the Facebook pages, you can easily identify and recognize your audience. A deeper understanding of your target audience will tell you what kind of posts they prefer on your Facebook page.

  • Drive traffic to your Facebook page

Having known your target audience and identified their interests, now work on your posts to drive traffic to your Facebook pages and websites. You can get this traffic either organically or by paying. Depending on your Facebook page audience that you interact with, traffic can be generated here.

  • Keep customer relationship connected and strong

Your relationship with potential customers and clients on your Facebook page should be kept secure, lest you fail in your business. Communication between you and the existing customers on Facebook should be able to establish rapport and form a basis of trust between you to avoid losing them.

  • Keep advertising

Facebook Ads increase your reach, clicks, interactions using Photo Ads, Video Ads, lead generation Ads, among others. Ads help build your Facebook audience, and with a Facebook page, your ad cost is lowered.

Some of the exciting Statistics on Facebook are: you can reach over 2 billion people through Facebook ads, nearly 93% of advertisers on social media use Facebook ads, active Facebook business pages are over 60 million, roughly half a million Facebook accounts are added on a daily basis, in a day internet users that use Facebook are approximately 30% and the fact that photo posts receive a higher engagement of 179% than other posts.

Benefits of having an active Facebook page:

  • For discoverability

With Facebook pages, brands, organizations, individuals, and their businesses are easily discovered. When you include contact information on your page, interested people can quickly contact you directly via call or chats while others send emails.

  • Building a community

Search engines and recommendations concerning your posts give a platform to establish a network around your business or brand.  A network of people that support your posts and content; this sets a level of trust good enough to conduct business with a lot of support.

  • Acquiring a bigger market

Several pages give you access to a higher number of fans who will support your Facebook page and hence boost your business.

  • Page insights

The more the potential customers, the harder it is to track their engagements with your page.  With Page Insights, you can access theirs behind the scenes activities which helps you with relevancy in your content.

  • Better targeting

Your Facebook page gives a proper target on your ideal customers and helps you to know them better and improve ways of engaging with them.

  • Humanization

With your Facebook page, customers are free to approach and feel welcome to interact with you in a friendly way as compared to the big brands where customers hardly get attention.

  • Cost-free

Creating and maintaining a Facebook page is cost-free. As considered to other website pages that owners use thousands of dollars to develop and maintain, Facebook is free and easy to maintain.

Current Trending Amazing Facebook Pages:


It has 13 million likes. The communication gap that existed between them and their audience was bridged through an emphasis on visuals rather than tech talks being a tech company. Their audience easily understands Their content on Facebook. Simplicity is always the best way to keep things going in any platform.


This company has hit 107 million likes. Fans are running its Facebook page mostly. Their work is given some updates, and then the fans do the work of commenting, tagging, and sharing, and that’s why it has massive followers. For a company seeking to grow, give your fans a number one priority and your brand will be promoted efficiently and at no cost.

Xploit Comedy 

It is found in Nigeria, and the like button has hit 576k on Facebook. It is consistently trying to gain its fans’ attention and loyalty through the creation of funny and exciting videos for their audience. Identifying with your audience creates a deeper connection with them.

UEFA Champions League 

This page has hit 67k views on Facebook. Being the most popular sport, fans are attracted to the activities that UEFA bases its content on especially the championships, matches, and awards, among others.


Nike Facebook Page has hit 33 million views. It maintains its image by showing off kicks and charitable initiatives, including every cause they are supporting. Here a lesson of creating several connected Facebook pages for your products is learned.


Young females are their fans, mostly. It displays its products using a style called the look book, which in turn generates shares and likes. This company hit 27million likes on its Facebook page, and it has retained its brand loyalty by its audience communication and understanding.


With their 42 million likes on their Facebook page, the cookie brand seems to use visual appeal for marketing its products.


To ensure your marketing strategy is working, you need to supplement it with your Facebook page to ensure accurate results. The above discussed are just but simple guidelines to help you start. This is without the powerful effect of buying Facebook likes on your beautiful and unique Facebook page.

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