For those who are owning or managing Facebook pages, their reach is said to be decreasing at a decreasing rate. However, not everyone can attest to the same. Let us clarify some of the few misused words by people who need support concerning their accounts on Facebook.


A Facebook profile can have friends who can get to a maximum number of 5000, it can have unlimited followers, it is not designed for any business activity; only used for personal interactions, also used to join the Facebook groups, and finally a Facebook profile can be verified using a blue tick which is rare.


A Facebook page is designed for promotions, business, and interest groups. Ads are run from the Facebook pages; pages are what people click their likes, comments on other pages are done through a Facebook page, groups are not joined using a page, more than one person can manage a Facebook page, and it can also be verified using a blue tick or a grey tick.

Tactics That Will Bring You High Quality Facebook Likes

Tips to increase Facebook Reach without necessarily having to pay for it

  • See first

This tip involves educating your Facebook audience on the correct use of Facebook and ensuring to get to the right audience. It also involves staying updated on the latest developments and not falling into the trap of lies and traps. To guarantee that your posts are being seen, you have to educate your audience on how to add your Facebook page to their See First section. This way, your posts will always be at the top of their News Feed, and you will see from the little blue star that your post was supposed to be seen first.

  • Notifications

Your audience can choose to get notifications after every post you make or after you post the type of post they are interested in. Five times a day is the maximum number of notifications they can get, however much you post.

  • Verifications

Verifying your Facebook Page confirms your authenticity. Without confirmation, people will not be aware if you are authentic or not.

Verifying public figures

Next, to the name of the Facebook page, you will find a blue tick. If you are confirmed using this, you are given an exclusive app called ‘Mentions’ which you use to manage your page. Some of its pros include; the features available there were for celebrities until recently, you can live stream, you can use the Q & A mode to interact with your audience, you can make announcements here and lastly share across all social media platforms all in the Mentions app.

To get verification, apply through either your Facebook Page or using the Mention app or instead, you call to fill in a form to check your eligibility for verification.

Verifying Local Business

You will find a grey tick next to the business name. Its advantages include; your business pages will appear first in the search function, and the trust between you and your audience is noted on your Facebook page. To get the local business verification, go to the settings option on your Facebook Page where you’ll be given a choice of requesting a call then you receive verification code or rather upload supporting documents. Some categories may not be verified.

  • Regular content posting

If you want to increase Facebook reach, you need to have regular posts, say several times a day. It is not every moment that your audience is active on Facebook to see your post. Therefore, because you do not know the exact time your audience is engaged, several posts at different times of the day get you a high possibility of most of your posts to be viewed by your Facebook fans. Copying someone else’s posting habits will not help since your audiences are different, and you may end up with no reach. To help you decide on what time to post, use insights from your Facebook Page.

Your posts should not be biased. Try to explore several options like today post a picture, the next day post a blog from your website, use a text-only post the other day, or you can even share a link to another article or website another time. Different pages contain different types of content depending on what your audience prefers most. The Business Classroom page is seen to touch all posts excluding the hot topic posts and how-to posts that show a spike in the reach of these posts.

  • Engagements

Some Facebook pages used to have lots of comments from their audience and heaps of followers who used to comment almost on every post, but it seems they are all gone now. Those making the efforts of the following people got tired of wasting their time on someone who is not engaging with them say in any conversation. Your Facebook audience needs some feedback from you once they write your comment, a review, or a question in your posts. Some even need to be tagged in some of your posts to motivate them. But if you don’t, they get to move on to other pages where they get full attention. That way, you lose lots of fans, and your page becomes deserted.

What steps do we take to ensure we are always engaging with our audience?

  • Try to acknowledge at least those who comment on your posts.
  • Create room for a conversation to flow- The more you the conversation goes, the more you establish a connection with your audience. More people will see your discussion and feel free to talk to you and share your posts too.
  • Appreciate the once who tag their friends on your posts.
  • Find questions to ask your audience once in a while so that your audience can find something to talk about and comment about.
  • On other pages, write comments as your page versus your Facebook profile.
  • Check on the shares on your posts- Even if you miss out on essential interactions concerning your posts, you can always pipe in.

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