Do you know there are certain things you could do on Facebook that you don’t know about?

Yeah, that’s why this article was written. Facebook has been around for a while now, and over the years, it has encountered some modifications. Chances are that there is more to just login in, checking people’s stories, and posting content. If only you knew those hidden tricks, you might find out what you have been missing out on. In this article, we have taken the time to collate 11 tricks that you did not know about on Facebook.

 Let’s dive in!

 Mute Unwanted Posts Without Unfriending

How to mute post. Screenshot taken on November 14, 2019

 We all know some certain people on Facebook can’t seem to stop posting. They can post as many hundred pictures and videos in a day. It could be really annoying and frustrating. You’ve thought sometimes to unfriend that friend of yours, but it may feel somehow. What to do? There is a way you can mute their post such that you will not see their post again. I had one friend who was always posting videos I wasn’t interested in. So I muted her. How did I do it? I checked the upper-right corner of her most recent post, clicked on the ellipsis () sign. This brought out several options. I selected “hide all from ***” because I didn’t want to see her post again, but there are other options there you can choose. If you just a little break from the person post, select “snooze ** for 30 days”.

Get Full Picture Albums

Image: DownAlbum. Photo taken from TechConnecto

Sometimes while scrolling through, you see some fascinating pictures that you loved to save. Instead of saving the images one by one, do you know that you can download the full picture album without wasting time? You will need the Chrome browser. Download an extension on Chrome called DownAlbum and install it properly. Go back and check the collection you intend to download. Select the DownAlbum logo in your browser. You will likely see a “normal” option. A new interface will show, then press save with Ctrl + S. That’s how to download a full album on Facebook.

Teach Pronunciation

Many times you’ve corrected people on how they should pronounce your last name. There is no need to through the stress yourself. There is a way you can teach them to pronounce your last name without any complications. On your profile, click on “Details about you” and fill in the rest. This trick can also be used for other purposes, such as adding your nickname.

Determine Your Time Spent on Facebook

Image: Time spent on Facebook. Photo taken from The Verge

Probably you’ve been wondering how much time you spend on Facebook, this trick can be of assistance. Unfortunately, it can only work for mobile users. Check for an ellipsis sign and click it at one corner of your app. A list of options will pop out, and you will see “Your Time on Facebook.” Easy! If you are using an iOS device, check Settings > Privacy > Your Time on Facebook. When you click that, you will see the average time you spend on Facebook per day. This is when you can determine whether you’re Facebook freak or not.

 Use A Profile Video

Profile Loop. GIF taken from TechCrunch

 Do you know that instead of making use of a picture on your profile, you can have a video? If you didn’t know, then this would benefit a lot. To that on your Android Facebook app, go to your profile, click profile picture, click take a new profile video, or upload the video. Lastly, you’ll see a bar at the tail end of your screen, select the thumbnail there for your video. Then click Save, and you’re good to go. For iOS users, instead of seeing a thumbnail, you’ll see a camera symbol.

Be invisible on Facebook

How to be invisible on Facebook. Photo taken from LifeWire

What I mean by being invisible on Facebook is that you can hide your activities without your friends noticing. Simply select the arrow facing down at the upper right corner of your taskbar on Facebook and choose the activity log. From there, you can hide your post or story from your friends.

Customize your feed

How to select newsfeed preferences. Photo taken from Buffer

Do you know you can decide on whose posts you see first? I told you there was a lot you didn’t know about. Check for a down arrow on the upper right corner of the taskbar, select “News preference” and then start customizing.

 Activate Solid Facebook Protection

 This would enable the absolute protection of your Facebook account. It would notify you with a code on your email anytime you want to log in from an unidentified device. Go to your settings > Login Menu > Two-Factor Authentication > save changes. Simple!

 Locate The Nearest Movie Theatre

 Facebook can show the movies currently showing in the theaters near you. Check the explore section on your desktop, tap movies, and from there, you’ll see all films presently showing near you, their location, and time. You can even purchase a ticket from there if you like.

 Check All the Pictures You’ve Ever Liked

Photo taken from BusinessInsider

 Facebook is so unique that’s it is possible to check all the photographs you’ve ever liked on Facebook since you registered. It’s effortless to view. All you have to do is type in your search space on the top of your Facebook page. Simply type in “photos liked by me” and there you’ll see them.

 Stop Videos That Play Automatically

Photo taken from OSXDaily

 Just like Instagram, on Facebook, when you scroll down, videos automatically play itself without pressing play or something. Funnily, since there is no play button, you feel that’s how it should be. I’m telling you now that it is possible to disable it such that the videos won’t play automatically again while scrolling down your page. Select the ellipsis at the top right corner of your page, choose Media and Contacts, Select auto videos, and you will see some options (over Cellular and Wi-Fi connections, Wi-Fi only or Never). Choose one!


 Facebook is a vast web community with a lot of functions you may not know about. We were able to discover 11 of these functions. I’m quite sure there are more.

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