Almost every business has a presence on Facebook. This is mainly because of the huge number of active Facebook users. Actually, Facebook is the most popular social media platform with an average of 1.59 billion daily active users as of 30th June 2019. Such huge numbers are the reason you should make an effort to increase your Facebook page likes. One ‘like’ on your Facebook page signifies a real person interested in your business. Gathering Facebook page ‘likes’ is, thus, important. Here are effective ways to increase your Facebook page likes.


  • Use Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are probably the most effective way of accumulating Facebook page likes. A Facebook Like campaign can help you reach a large audience as well as increase user action towards your Facebook page. Campaigns are paid advertising methods intended to increase the number of page likes or increase user actions such as ‘like’ and ‘share’ of a specific post. Facebook ads can help you reach the right audience who might be interested in your business.

You can limit your Facebook ads by age, country, city, job, gender or even street address. This way, there is no risk of losing money by advertising to the unwanted people. For instance, if you are targeting people in Toronto, you can limit your ad campaign reach within Toronto.


  • Use Strong Images Frequently


Make use of strong images that are professional, captivating and relevant. For instance, if you sell dresses, ensure you include the dresses you sell in the images, ensure the images are professional and portray the dresses in a captivating way.

People are more attracted to images than plain texts. Therefore, you would want to include captivating images in all your Facebook posts. The more captivating posts you have on your page, the more page likes you are likely to get.


  • Be Personal


Approach your audience in a personal way. However, you don’t want to treat your Facebook page like you would with your personal profile. But you can throw in a post occasionally to let your audience know there is a person behind the business who they can relate with. For example, if you operate a family-owned cafeteria, you may post a picture of a family member’s graduation celebration with details of who it is and employ real human emotions. By putting in that personal touch on your page, users will see you as another Facebook friend rather than a business trying to maximize profit.


  • Connect with Other Facebook Pages


Follow pages that offer the same services or are in the same business line as yours. For instance, if you run a travel agency, follow other travel-related Facebook pages. Like and comment on their posts with your Facebook account. You should, however, be careful not to leave a lot of unnecessary comments that may appear as spam, such as including a lot of links or hashtags in your comments.

Engaging with other pages with niches similar to yours increases your exposure. It also communicates with Facebook what your page is about, and Facebook may suggest your page to users who follow pages similar to yours.


  • Do Not Leave the about Section Empty


Make use of the about section on your Facebook page. Add all information about your business there: the link to your website, address, the year the business was established, a brief description of your business – all of it. Such information increases the credibility of your business.


  • Use Videos as One of Your Marketing Strategy


One of the best ways to engage Facebook users is through videos. Create high-quality videos to show your products or sell your brand. Use striking and captivating footage and informative text overlay to attract viewers. Create something unique that will leave your audience begging for more as well as persuade them to like your page.


  • Know the Best Time to Post


With Facebook Insights, you can check the prime time when posts can reach the maximum number of Facebook users. Know when your Facebook followers are online and share your content then.


  • Increase the Visibility of Your Page


To increase your Facebook page likes, you must make the page more visible. You can increase visibility by having a Facebook page template with a like button. You may also include a Facebook feed on your company/business website. In case you have other social media platforms for your business, you can promote your page to those channels to increase likes.


  • Coupons


Using coupons is yet another effective way to increase your Facebook likes. A little 5%-10% offer gives buyers the motive to buy your product while keeping your margins intact. An effective way to offer coupons is by requiring an action to access them. There are several apps that you can use to create a coupon on your Facebook page. A Facebook coupon makes it easy to share your post. For instance, when someone participates, a post is shared on their Facebook page inviting their friends to also participate in the coupon contests.


  • Write Outstanding Copy


It might sound simple, but writing a compelling post that briefly and clearly conveys your message in a way that attracts Facebook users is not that simple. Avoid writing too much or too little. Also, avoid punctuation and grammatical errors as it can hurt your credibility. Writing a stellar copy increases the chances of attracting more followers.


  • Be Consistent


Posting regularly increases your chances of having more followers. It also keeps you on ‘top of the mind’ of your followers. For instance, you can post once per day, monitor the engagement and increase the frequency if you are getting great engagement. You should, however, be cautious with this strategy. If a lot of your posts are irrelevant and uninformative, you will achieve the opposite – people might unfollow you. Ensure your posts are relevant and educational.

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