With today’s advanced devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets, it is undeniable that everyone already has access to social media platforms like Facebook. The social media giant itself said that approximately 1.60 million people actively use Facebook daily. It also has 2.45 billion active monthly users. Facebook, as well as the other Facebook products Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, have 2.2 billion users every day in total. 

10 of the Best Facebook Updates for 2020 that You Need to Know

For this reason, Facebook ensures that it provides its users with fresh updates and features. On the other hand, brands also benefit from this platform by using it as a tool for advertisement. If you are one of those brand owners who advertise on Facebook, knowing the top Facebook updates this 2020 will help you keep your business in the loop.

2020 Facebook Updates that Brands Need to Know

Last year was the year of the Stories feature for Facebook and its messaging platform Messenger. It is undeniable that the Stories feature got the attention of users as soon as it was launched on the platform. So, there is no denying that many Facebook users have high expectations of what the platform has to offer this year. 

24-Hour Standard Messaging Window

The Messenger Platform policies implemented by Facebook are intended to help businesses and people connect effectively and to achieve meaningful outcomes. 

Customers want a quick response whenever they send a message to a brand that they are interested in. They also want businesses that accommodate better outcomes. For this reason, Facebook created a feature that could help brands deliver faster responses to their potential customers. 

When a potential customer opts into a brand’s Messanger account, the said brand can send as many promotional messages as they want for 24 hours. When the first 24 hours are over, brands can send one promotional update and then as many non-promotional updates as they wish.

Lead Generation in the Messenger App

Brands will be able to create ads that click through on Messenger through this new feature. This will open up a conversation between a business and its potential customer. Besides, prospects will see a list of questions with either free-form text or pre-filled answer options. 

10 of the Best Facebook Updates for 2020 that You Need to Know

Brands can integrate the said feature with their CRM. After that, they can continue interacting with leads who are qualified using the Pages Manager App, Pages Inbox, as well as a third-party live chat provider. In an instance that people did not complete the questions, a friendly prompt will be sent to them. 

Consumers already love AI chatbots as it provides them with quick and easy to understand answers to their queries. Similar to those AI chatbots, the new lead generation feature of Facebook also offers fast service. 

New Management and Navigation Tools in Business Manager

The theme for the latest changes in Facebook is more comfortable, faster, and more convenient use. The social media giant is now introducing a new design and navigation for Facebook’s Business Manager. 

This new design and navigation will make it easier to manage permissions and assets across all Facebook platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp. The company has also integrated a shortcut tool. Through this, Page managers can get suggestions based on Page’s past activities. There is also a new shortcut that takes Page managers into Ads Manager where they can quickly create ads.

More Simple Feed Formats

Facebook introduced an updated News Feed design earlier last year. The company emphasized privacy and a lighter feel for the platform through this new Feed format. 

The said new design prompted an update to Page advertisements and posts on mobile. Back then, the primary posts on a post’s caption consist of seven lines. But with the new design, it was shortened into three lines. To see more of the caption, people have to click “See More.” 

Besides, the maximum media height for both photos and videos was changed from 2:3 to 4:5.

New Insights and eLearning Courses

This new update is something that brands can benefit from. They will be able to learn more about topics like developing mixed models of modern marketing. They will also learn more about measuring campaign performance. On top of that, they can access dozens of free online courses that can develop their skills in marketing.

Moreover, through the new insights and eLearning courses update, businesses will be able to see key consumer insights. Thus, this can serve as their guide for their marketing initiatives.


This update is one of the major updates of Facebook for 2020. Calabria is a subsidiary that offers financial services through Libra. Notably, the Libra network is a global cryptocurrency that is built on Blockchain technology. 

Moreover, Calibra is going to roll out a digital waller for Libra. The said wallet will be available in Messenger and WhatsApp. Also, it will have a standalone app. 

10 of the Best Facebook Updates for 2020 that You Need to Know

The goal of this new app is to make financial services available to more individuals. More than 3.3 billion people worldwide have smartphones. However, half of the global populations still do not have access to basic bank accounts. Helping these people to have access to a digital wallet will provide benefits for businesses. For one, it may help open up global e-commerce opportunities. It can also open a more streamlined buying and selling process.

While this feature is not something that would make an impact on most brands, it is a trend worth keeping your attention on.

Discover Tab Phase Out

Many of the changes implemented by Facebook are meant to simplify the user experience. Now, the social media giant is taking down the Discover tab feature from Messenger. The said feature was intended to help users find nearby places as well as businesses that they could message.  But since Facebook is removing this feature, it is now working on better ways to help companies to connect with their prospects. Once the new part that will replace the Discover tab is done, it will be accessible across Facebook ads and apps that lead to Messenger.

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