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Buy Facebook Likes Reviews

A successful Facebook Page starts with getting more Likes. But if you’re just starting out, how do you get more people to like your page? If you want to buy Facebook Likes, reviews are your best friend!

We take an impartial look at the companies selling Facebook Likes, putting them to the test to see how they can help grow your business.

Don’t get scammed – Read reviews & Buy the best.

Check out the top 5 Providers

There are a lot of tactics out there to build up your Facebook audience (you’ve probably tried many of them already), but the most effective and foolproof approach we’ve found is to buy Facebook Likes to get going. This is a powerful shortcut that can give your Facebook Fan Page a kick-start to quickly improve your online credibility and build momentum.

Before you Buy Facebook Likes review our tests and experiments. You will see exactly what you are getting before you put your Facebook account at risk with a dangerous provider.

We’ll share our experiences, recommend providers that have actually delivered, and offer some helpful guides and tips.

Top 5 Facebook Likes Providers

  • Good-Quality Accounts
  • Fast Turnaround
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Retention Guarantee
  • Good Customer Support
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  • Good-Quality Followers
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Good Customer Support
  • Good Money Back Guarantee
  • Good Retention Warranty
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Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good Quality Followers
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Retention Guarantee
  • Good Customer Support
1000 likes for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good-Quality Followers
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Retention Policy
  • Good Customer Support
1000 likes for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good-Quality Followers
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Lifetime Retention Policy
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Good Customer Support
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Credit Card / Paypal
  • High-Quality Followers
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Drop Guarantee
  • Great Customer Support
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  • Geo-Targeting Options
  • 30-Day Refund Policy
  • Quality Accounts Used
  • Great Delivery time
  • Customer Support was Slow
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  • Good Quality Likes Provided
  • Quick Delivery Time
  • 30-Day Refund Guarantee
  • 30-Day Retention Policy
  • Responsive Customer Support
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  • Customer Support Within Minutes
  • 2-Year Protection Guarantee
  • Quality Services
  • Useful FAQ Section
  • Decent Refund Policy
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  • Up to 10,000 Fans
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Good-Quality Fans
  • Money-Back Guarantee
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So, should you buy Facebook likes?

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve listed some of the Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Likes.  Read through this list and decide for yourself if buying likes is something you’d like to pursue.

buy Facebook likes reviews

Buying Likes is a way to give your Facebook Fan Page a big, initial boost. Within days, you’ll have the social proof needed to attract new, organic followers.

However, that’s not the entire solution.

Once you’ve established your fan base, you’ll need to do some marketing and engage your fans on a daily basis. Our guides will assist you with these tasks. It’s not as hard as you’d think, and it gets easier as your number of fans grows..

Engaging your Facebook Fans
buy Facebook likes reviews

Engagement is crucial for long-term success. This is what keeps your fans happy, and what persuades them to become an active part of your online community.

The overall popularity of your page is largely determined by engagement. Facebook looks at how often your fans comment, share, and “like” your individual posts. The more popular that your page becomes, the harder Facebook works to help you promote your content to your audience.

We’ve compiled a simple guide to help you engage your Facebook Fans the right way. Refine your engagement practices to build an active fan base, and Facebook will reward you with greater visibility across the platform.

How to Really Market your Fan Page

Once you’ve given your Facebook Fan Page a boost in Likes, that’s when the after burners kick in. Marketing is where the magic happens, and it’s much eaiser with strengthened credibility. It doesn’t take months or even weeks – You can actually start attracting real fans, clients and customers to your Fan Page, and start making more money in just a few days (or hours), using the easy and highly effective technique we’ve used for our Fan Pages. Check it out, it’s well worth the 5-10 minute read.

buy Facebook likes reviews

The Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Likes

There are two sides to everything, especially the controversial “Buy Facebook Likes” market. We’ve been using and testing these services for over a year, and we’ve become very familiar with both the Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Facebook likes. Below, you’ll find our detailed list of Pros and Cons. Read them well, and decide for yourself if these services are right for you.

The Pros

The Cons

Frequently asked Questions & Answers

The concept of buying Facebook Likes and Followers may be something you’re considering, but it raises more questions than answers. So, we’ve listed the most common questions we get asked below.

  • Is it really possible to buy Facebook Likes?
  • Yup, it's really possible! You can buy Facebook Likes for your pages or your posts, along with other services like followers and comments. There are plans to buy just a few hundred or a thousand Likes, or even millions.

  • Can other people tell if you buy Facebook Likes?
  • No, almost certainly not. It would be very hard to tell that some Likes were bought. If someone is watching closely they may notice a lot of Likes appearing quickly, but the easy solution for that is to buy Likes that will come gradually.

  • Are bought Facebook likes real or fake?
  • Bought Facebook Likes are practically always fake, in the sense that they're generated by bots or clickfarms. But that's ok because they serve the same purpose, and people won't be able to tell how they got there.

  • Can you make money from buying Facebook likes?
  • Unfortunately no, you won't be able to make money directly from buying Facebook Likes. They will help you become more popular, however, so that should help you generate more revenue in the long run.

  • How much should Facebook likes cost?
  • It depends on the quality of the Likes you buy. In general, you can get 1,000 Likes for around $20 at the least to $35 at the most, depending on who you go with. If you find a provider offering extremely cheap views, beware because they might be a scammer.

  • Will you get likes, dislikes, or comments when you buy Facebook likes?
  • Not usually. Most of the time when you order a particular service, that's all you'll get. If you want those other social signals, you'll have to buy them specifically. That's usually a good idea, because it makes the service look more natural.

  • Will you gain followers, clicks, or sales when you buy Facebook likes?
  • This really depends on whether or not you have a strong marketing campaign to go along with your Likes. Your bought Likes will attract more attention and followers, and if people like what they see they'll stick around for more. The increase in rank you get will help you get more attention in a variety of ways, but it's up to you to put out strong content that people will want to see.

  • How can I share my Facebook likes buying experience?
  • It's simple! Just submit your own comments on our review of that provider, or send us a message if we haven't yet reviewed the company you used.

  • How do companies deliver Facebook followers?
  • Many ways! The better ones will deliver a steady growth of followers of a few weeks so it looks more organic.

  • Can people tell you’ve bought followers?
  • It’s near impossible to tell. Most provider accounts look like real users.

  • Are the followers real?
  • The type of Facebook followers you will get often depends on the strategy used by your provider. This is why it’s essential to choose a company you can trust to deliver quality followers. Of course, it will also depend on your goals. If you’re looking to simply increase your follower count, bots could do the job. On the other hand, if you want followers who may eventually engage with your content, you should look for providers that drive real users to your page.

    Real users are top-quality followers that are worth investing in. Before you purchase a package from any company, make sure to verify their claims. Read our reviews to find out if these providers are truly what they say they are.

  • How much should Facebook followers cost?
  • It’s hard to say as it depends on the provider and the service you choose.

  • Will bought followers help me grow my network?
  • Statistically yes. When you have a strong growth of followers, organic growth is also affected.

  • Can I review or comment on my experience buying followers?
  • Of course! Send us your comments and we can add them to our review page.

  • Can you really buy Facebook followers?
  • Yes, you can! Many social media promotional companies offer Facebook followers in a range of packages. Here’s how you can buy followers for Facebook as well:

    - Pick a credible company
    - Decide on the number of followers you want to get
    - Fill out their form with your Facebook page’s URL to order
    - Wait a few hours or a few day for your bought followers to arrive.
    - Start growing your page followers

  • How does buying Facebook followers work?
  • Every company has their way of providing followers. Some offer followers quickly while others deliver them in a steady stream so your growth looks more organic. Here’s a list of common strategies used in the industry:

    - Exchange networks: Companies with exchange networks promise to deliver real followers. They’re able to do this by providing rewards or points to Facebook users that participate in their network in exchange for following pages like yours. It’s a great strategy for acquiring real Facebook followers. However, they are non-targeted as they come from different places across the globe.
    - Influencers and partner websites: Other companies deliver real Facebook followers by promoting your account to their own network. Some also work with social media influencers and website partners to provide your page with better exposure. Like exchange networks, this strategy can result in non-targeted followers, but it delivers them steadily to make the growth of your Facebook page look natural.
    - Ad campaigns: Some providers aim to deliver targeted followers by creating ad campaigns and setting audience guidelines. This is a great method, especially for local businesses who need their followers to be within a specific region.
    - Bots: Providers that use bots can deliver followers quicker than those that use any of the methods mentioned above. This is great if you’re looking to grow your account in a short span of time. The disadvantage of getting bot followers is that they won’t provide any value to your page except to increase your follower count.

  • Will the Facebook followers that I buy unfollow me?
  • It’s natural to lose Facebook followers whether you bought them or got them organically. For bought followers, it would depend on the quality of your followers. Are they real or inactive bots? The latter tend to stay longer as no one is really using or managing these accounts. Active or real users could unfollow you if they eventually decide they’re not interested in your content.

    Reliable Facebook follower providers are aware of this risk so they offer a retention warranty to their clients. This type of warranty gives you peace of mind when you start experiencing excessive drops in your bought followers. Just request to get replacements when you start losing followers.

  • Does buying Facebook followers actually work?
  • Definitely! If there’s one social network that you should have good social signals, it’s Facebook! The network has millions of users across the globe and almost everyone is using it as a source of information about the reputation of brands and businesses. It would do you a lot of good to grow your followers on Facebook.

  • Why should I buy Facebook followers?
  • In today’s competitive digital marketing landscape, having a Facebook page has become a necessity, but it doesn’t stop there with just having one. The number of followers you have affect how other people perceive your business. A low follower count could have a negative effect on your brand. You should buy Facebook followers if you want to:

    - Jump-start your Facebook page
    - Look popular
    - Attract organic followers
    - Boost your online reputation
    - Gain your target audience’s trust
    - Have your competition take you more seriously

    There are a lot of advantages to buying Facebook followers. Check out our Pros and Cons section above to help you decide if it’s the right strategy for you.

  • Is buying followers a scam?
  • It’s not a scam. Many legit companies offer this type of service. However, you’ll find some that provide low-quality followers or don’t complete your order and they can be a headache.

    Avoid the unnecessary stress by being cautious in your search for the best Facebook followers provider. While price is often a factor, it shouldn’t be your only basis for choosing a company. It’s also important to check a provider’s customer protection guarantees, customer support, and reviews.

  • Is buying followers safe?
  • Buying followers is a strategy that doesn’t require any internal changes in your account. It is generally a safe method to grow your Facebook page. Be careful, however, with providers who may ask you to make them a page admin, or who want your login information. Giving them any type of access to your page will cause security issues.

    It’s also worth noting that Facebook is actively searching and deactivating fake users on their network. If your bought followers are fake and Facebook finds out, they could delete them. It won’t affect your page negatively, but you’ll be wasting money especially if your provider doesn’t have any retention or replacement policy.

  • Is it illegal to buy followers?
  • No, it’s not illegal to buy followers as there are no laws against it. What you should look into are the strategies used by your chosen provider. Some practices may not comply with Facebook’s terms of service. Sure, they may not hurt your page but you wouldn’t want to waste your time on a method that doesn’t’ provide any value to your page.

  • Can a company remove bought followers after their delivery?
  • A credible company won’t have any reason to remove your bought followers after delivering them. If you’re worried about this, ask if they have any retention policy in place. This way, if you lose any of your bought followers, you could just request for replacement.

  • How do companies deliver Facebook post likes?
  • Providers use the same methods used for delivering Facebook page likes to provide likes for individual posts. These methods include:

    - Bots: Providers can make the bots they use for delivering page likes register post likes instead. These bots can deliver a large number of likes within a few hours. They are usually of low quality, with the accounts looking suspicious upon closer inspection.
    - Marketing campaigns: Reputable providers use different marketing techniques like social media marketing and PPC advertising to draw people to your page and generate likes on your posts. They might also promote specific posts directly to audiences.
    - Click farms: Click farms employ human users to like your posts. They typically will not read your post and simply click the Like button. This means that that you are not getting targeted likes that are actually relevant to your post.

    You would want to go for high-quality likes from marketing campaigns as much as possible, but the low quality likes delivered by bots and click farms are still useful for certain applications.

  • Will I lose Facebook post likes?
  • Yes, you might, but that will depend on the method used by the provider to deliver your post likes. Bot-generated likes are the ones that you can lose if Facebook is actively deleting these accounts. Those you gain from promotions-based services will vary in their retention, but are typically quite high.

    A reliable provider should have a replacement warranty to recover any post likes you could lose. The replacements can be delivered automatically or by request. Take advantage of the warranty to keep the momentum of your posts going.

  • Does buying Facebook post likes actually work?
  • Yes, it does. The greater the number of likes your posts have, the more prominently Facebook displays them on your followers’ timelines. The site also recommends them more often to other audiences. You can get that exposure quickly with a simple likes purchase. No more waiting and hoping that your next post will go viral.

  • Are the bought Facebook post likes real or fake?
  • That depends on the methods used by the provider. Marketing-based services will bring you more targeted likes for your posts. Likes generated by bots come from inactive accounts.

    Real and fake Facebook post likes look indistinguishable from each other at a quick glance. If you are looking to simply boost the popularity of your posts, any of these methods will work fine for you. Read our reviews to find out which methods are used by our top recommended providers above.

  • Why should I buy Facebook post likes?
  • Buying Facebook post likes is an effective way to push the reach your page or profile. By boosting the visibility of specific posts, you attract a more targeted audience that will be willing to engage with you. Some of the reasons where you would want to buy Facebook post likes are:

    - Increasing the visibility and popularity of individual posts
    - Encouraging discussions around these posts
    - Increasing the likelihood your posts will be shared
    - Getting your Facebook posts to go viral
    - Building the overall popularity of your page
    - Increasing the social proof of your Facebook page
    - Attracting new followers to your page
    - Establishing yourself as an authority figure

    These reasons are just a few of the benefits that you can gain from your purchase, and you will be surprised at how much it can lead you to success on the platform.

  • Is buying Facebook post likes a scam?
  • No, it’s not. The top providers we reviewed are fully-registered companies. This is a good assurance that you are getting high-quality services. They even offer several customer guarantees to provide some security when using their services.

    There are still some scammers who will try to dupe you by claiming to offer high-quality likes. More often than not, you will find these likes come from low-quality bots. To save you the effort and money, research a provider thoroughly before making a purchase. Our reviews have looked at the most important aspects of a good provider and will give you plenty of useful information.

  • Is buying Facebook post likes safe?
  • Yes. All the likes that you get on your Facebook posts are delivered using external accounts. These accounts will not cause any changes in your profile outside of increasing your post likes count. Stay clear of any company that requires you to give them access to your accounts to supposedly deliver likes. These are the ones that can do harm to your account.

  • Is buying Facebook post likes illegal?
  • There are no laws prohibiting you from buying Facebook post likes, but you still need to be mindful of the site’s own Terms of Service. The methods your provider uses should comply with these terms to avoid possible violations and punishment.

    Keep in mind that Facebook also actively deletes fake accounts on a regular basis. This will result in your posts losing likes coming from such accounts, which can slow down their growth. A good provider should have a replacement warranty to help you recover lost likes.

  • Can a company remove bought post likes after delivery?
  • It’s very unlikely as they have no reasons to remove the likes they deliver to you, after all. You can still lose some post likes in different ways, such as if Facebook deletes the accounts that deliver the likes, or a human user might simply unlike your post. Use the provider’s replacement/retention warranty to recover these lost likes if it happens, and read our reviews t make sure they have a good warranty.

  • Why should I buy Facebook likes?
  • There are a lot of benefits that come from buying Facebook likes. Purchasing high-quality Facebook likes will boost your social proof and help you kickstart your post or fan page. There are other reasons why buying Facebook likes is a great marketing investment:

    - Gain a lot of Facebook likes fast for an affordable price
    - Boost your social credibility
    - Enhance the visibility of your posts
    - Build an authoritative presence on the platform
    - Encourage others to organically engage with your posts
    - Look more popular on Facebook

    Buying Facebook likes is a great way to spur organic engagement. If you want to learn more about the benefits of buying Facebook likes, read our Pros and Cons section above.

  • Can you really buy Facebook likes?
  • Indeed, you can. You can buy Facebook likes by following these simple steps:

    - Find a reputable provider
    - Choose one of their packages
    - Place the order
    - Wait for the delivery to be processed
    - Start receiving Facebook likes
    - Finish receiving Facebook likes
    - Enjoy your new batch of Facebook likes

    See? There’s nothing complicated about buying Facebook likes. You just need to make sure to find a reliable Facebook provider that won’t trick you or otherwise get you into trouble.

  • How does buying Facebook likes work?
  • There is a vast range of methods that providers use to deliver Facebook likes. The following are among the most common ones used in the industry today:

    - Bot likes: With this method, the provider uses inactive accounts to like your post/page. You won’t receive any additional engagement and there is no chance for the likers to become permanent followers. This is a common, yet risky, method that can put your account and reputation at stake.
    - Organic-looking likes: This method relies on organically-driven Facebook likes that are delivered from real and active Facebook profiles. This method is usually more expensive than the fake/bot likes method but is also more valuable. Those who do the liking have real profiles with full bios, profile feeds, and followers of their own.
    - Reward likes: With the reward-mode method, the providers usually set some kind of competition that requires the users to like your post in order to win rewards, prizes, gift items, or receive Facebook likes of their own. This is an unpredictable method because you can never know when or if the desired number of likes will be achieved.
    - Promotion likes: The provider creates an entire marketing plan revolving around your Facebook post/page and promotes it on their social networks with a strong CTA that encourages organic users to likes your post/page. Out of all the methods, this is the most natural way of receiving Facebook likes.

  • Are the likes that I buy going to unlike my post?
  • That depends. Whether or not you lose the likes you purchased can depend on several factors:

    - Different quality of services: Quality providers that deliver organic Facebook likes usually have a retention guarantee that protects the endurance of their Facebook likes. Low-quality providers offer fake Facebook likes that have no retention guarantee and can drop at any time.
    - Organic loss of likes: You also have to realize that regardless of whether you buy Facebook likes or not, you’re going to experience a dip in your Facebook likes. Keep in mind that the organic fluctuations will happen whether you buy Facebook likes or not.

    A great way to be able to distinguish the quality providers from the scammers is by the retention guarantee. Low-quality providers avoid providing such guarantees and will not offer any significant customer protection guarantees. Always opt to collaborate with a company that guarantees the endurance of their Facebook likes.

  • Does buying Facebook likes really work?
  • It sure does. Buying Facebook likes is a well-established practice that has helped a lot of professionals kickstart their campaigns and improve the organic growth of their Facebook profiles.

  • Am I going to buy real or fake Facebook likes?
  • Once again, that depends on the provider you choose to do business with. We mentioned before that different providers use different methods of delivering their Facebook likes. What that means is that there is the possibility for you to purchase both real and fake Facebook likes.

    Usually, the providers explain what type of services they provide in their Terms of Use. That’s why you always need to make sure you’ve properly researched the provider before you make the purchase.

  • Is buying Facebook likes a scam?
  • No, buying Facebook likes is not a scam. The process of buying Facebook likes is completely legitimate. However, as it is with every industry, there are scammers that only want to deceive you into purchasing their services. You must follow up on the clues and learn how to spot the scammers. Be careful, though. While there are those who obviously lack credibility, there are also those providers who seem reliable but are in fact scammers.

    One of the best ways to learn how to distinguish the scammers from the quality providers is to read extensive and informative reviews, such as those above.

  • Is buying Facebook likes safe?
  • Definitely. Buying Facebook likes is totally safe and none of the aforementioned methods will jeopardize the integrity of your Facebook account. Buying Facebook likes is only risky if you choose to share your password with the provider. In that situation, the provider has total access to your account and can do things that are not according to Facebook’s Terms of Use. We highly recommend that you don’t disclose any sensitive information with any provider.

  • Is it illegal to buy Facebook likes?
  • No. All of the methods of delivering Facebook likes are in compliance with Facebook’s Terms of Use and are completely legitimate. Although, there are some methods that are more preferable than others, like organically delivering the Facebook likes. Either way, buying Facebook likes is a completely safe and legitimate practice that will only aid your Facebook account.

  • Can a company remove Facebook likes after delivering them?
  • This is not a very probable scenario. We have yet to encounter a situation where the provider has removed the social signals after delivering them. We don’t see what kind of motive the provider would have to do that. You can always experience a sudden drop of likes due to natural fluctuations or if Facebook is doing a cleanup of inactive Facebook accounts on the platform.

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